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[IP] Really strong

This past weekend I worked a camp.  The first night, one of the little boys
(he was 5 years old, in kindergarden, and his first time away from home)
decided that I was "gonna be mom for the weekend".  I was wearing my
favorite pair of pants that night (they are fleece) but for some reason
Jude does not like them and periodiacly hits the floor when I wear them.
The little boy noticed this and asked me what it was.  I explained to him
that I have diabetes, and I need a little bit of medicine all of the time
and extra medicine when I eat.  My pump gives me the medicine I need.  This
explaination was accepted and nothing more was said.  That night he feel
asleep before the kids went to bed, so I was carrying him back to the
cabin.  He partially woke up and was talking to me.  He commented on how
well I could carry him.  That I am "so strong because of it".  I asked him
what "it" was.  "That" swinging his leg a little to bump against Jude "it
gives you medicine and makes you strong".  I chuckled at the time.  Later I
was thinking, Jude (and the medicine that it gives me) does help me be
stronger... but not exactly in the direct way he was thinking.  Physically
and emotionally I'm so much stronger because of it.  Last week, someone
randomly commented to me how much more stable I am pumping.

Maureen and Jude (who has been making her strong for close to 11 months!)
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