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Re: [IP] Type 1 1/2 What is it?

email @ redacted wrote:
> Please describe to me the symptoms that make you a 1 1/2.  I have no idea.
> Did I miss something?

Type 1 1/2 is a vague term used to give a name to those who don't quite
fit into either the Type 1 or the Type 2 category.

For some people, it's really a slow-onset Type 1 which hasn't yet gotten
to the final stages yet -- they're insulin deficient, but still do
produce some, so aren't prone to ketosis, and have a relatively easy
time controlling their DM because their own pancreases are helping.

For others, it may be some unusual, as-yet-undefined kind of Type 2 --
that is, without insulin resistance, but not due to an auto-immune
attack on the beta cells. These people may never entirely lose their
beta-cell mass, but just cannot produce enough insulin to meet their
bodies' needs, regardless of weight. 
I would be reluctant to call this kind of diabetes Type 2, because the
category conjures up a syndrome of insulin resistance, high endogenous
insulin levels and obesity. It's bad treatment to think that this kind
of diabetes can be treated with orals, when they don't work, and to
counsel weight loss when that isn't going to help, either!

I'm somewhere in the category of Type 1 1/2 -- or perhaps 1.723! because
neither of my parents had diabetes, but I had a grandmother whose
adult-onset diabetes never ameliorated, even though she became quite
thin, and an adult-onset diabetic uncle who never was anything but thin
his entire life. 

I'm currently about BMI 25.4 -- not significantly overweight, and I use
insulin, but I'm sure my own body helps a lot, because I'm not prone to
ketosis, and my body seems to be able to take the edge off of highs. So
I could call myself Type 1 1/2. But I prefer to say Type Weird, because
I'm pretty convinced that my diabetes is some familial variant which
hasn't been described, and may not even fall on the Type 1/2 continuum!

Disclaimer: the above is my own take on Type 1 1/2, since it's NOT a
technical term and doesn't show up in any of the professional literature
as far as I know! 

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