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Re: [IP] HELP- Worst day ever!!

My heart goes out to you! What a crazy day for you! It is hard to say 
whether your upset stomach was a result of the high sugars and ketones or 
that you might be getting the flu. If you were getting dehydrated then your 
body does build up some insulin resistence which may be why your normal 
high-sugar boluses were not as effective. You must be pretty frustrated with 
trying to find a 'good' site too!
Try to hang in there! I wish I had more experience to offer you advice! When 
I recently had the flu my bgs went nuts and are just starting to settle down 
now. It was pretty discouraging because it has been two weeks now. Luckily I 
had about 10 good weeks of pumping in before I got sick. I will be thinking 
of you!! :o)....Carolyn

I really have a bad case of burn-out and
>need some encouragement as I'm at wits end, sick and feel Fluffy, my pump,
>hates me and is the enemy, not my hero. Help please.


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