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[IP] Re: Disetronic Alarms

To whomever asked about the Disetronic 07 System Alarm!!!

I posted about this problem 3-weeks ago.  For several months we had a weekly system alarm, solved by reinserting the
batteries or occassionaly needing new batteries.  We inserted, #3, then #2 as we're supposed to, grounding the pump first
by pressing the "S" button for 3 seconds. The batteries were tight enough, hadn't touched each other.   Finally I sent the
pump in, and we started using the back-up pump.  We've been using it for 3 weeks, and guess what???  We've had 3 system
alarms.  Somebody suggested I cover the pump in tin foil, as we live in the desert, and it is quite dry with lots of static
electricity.    I haven't done this yet, and Disetronic suggested I keep a damp paper towel in the pump case instead.  I'm
going to try this when Kelly gets home from school.  At least half the time, the alarm occurs when Kelly is playing
outside.  This alarm is a real pain because it can't be silenced without taking out the batteries, and nobody at Kelly's
school can do this, so I'm frequently making a mad-dash to her school. ( I could show them, but then they'd also have to
reset the clock, and verify basals, and I frankly don't trust them for this.)  In the meantime, Disetronic has sent me a
new pump, for the one I sent in, but as of now, couldn't tell me what was wrong with the other one.  Anyway, you're not

Mary, Kelly's Mom

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