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[IP] Humalog in the MAILBOX

The continuing saga. Let's see, in August four vials of Humalog sat in the
sun on the porch in a UPS box for one to four days. Unacceptable. In
November the UPS guy had me sign for it. Last Thursday I ordered four more
vials (three months) plus two BP meds. The gal asked if anything else she
could help me with. I told her how unhappy I was with the sun-soaked
insulin. She said, "UPS ALWAYS has to have a signature for insulin."  Okay,
fine. If the snotty pharmacist had told me that last August, I could have
gone after UPS. I was told only that it was my responsibility to STAY HOME
and wait until my order arrives in northern Indiana from Texas -- without
knowing which day.

I stayed home deliberately today knowing UPS goes around 10:30 a.m.  No UPS;
I figured double deliveries with holiday yesterday. I fell asleep this
afternoon (sometimes just can't keep going without that nap). Woke up at
2:45 and went out to get the mail. STUFFED INSIDE THE BLACK MAILBOX were my
'scrips in a Priority Mail bag with NO ice pack for the four vials of

It is presently 52*F outside with sunshine. I took a thermometer and placed
it inside the black, closed mailbox while I took Christmas lights off the
bush. It registered 78*F in the box. That's safe. HOWEVER, H does need to be
kept refrigerated until opened. Believe me, the inside of my fridge is NOT
78*F. Besides, if the outside temp. reaches 60*-65* and it's sunny -- how
hot will it get inside a closed, black mailbox?

I HATE mail order 'scrips. Don't trust 'em. Wish my husband's company hadn't
changed ins. last July!!!!!!!!!!!  I had contacted my congressman about PCS
Mail Service ('scrip co.) and his office said there was a lawsuit against
them last year. He doesn't know this incident yet.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)
    p.s. Think I'll write a book. This is the newest chapter -- To Pump or
not to Pump (finding out it is unstable is already too late)

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