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[IP] HELP- Worst day ever!!

Today was enough to make me stop pumping. I really could use a pumper frend
right now. My site was occluded when I woke up and my fasting wasn't in
range, I tried to bolus it down and went back to sleep, sugar was the same
when I woke up, so I changed sets. Inserted the bleeping rapid 3x and hit
blood each time, finally found a place skin was nice and soft and inserted
it w/o a problem, had breakfast and my sugar went up and never came down. I
had lunch, doubled my bolus to compensate for set in low-absorption spot and
went to drop my paleopathology class and wound up puking my guts up on the
registrars feet and had to lie down on the nice cold tiles as I was so
sleepy. They called campus police, who happened tp be a diabetic, he wanted
to call EMS, I explained my infusion set was bad and they took me over to
the Student Medical center where I had large ketones, was crying, and a
sugar of 360. They made me remove my site btwn upchucks and red-orange stuff
came out of it (blood and insulin mix) and gave me 8 units of Humalog and
had no idea how to get my pump back on me. I managed to prime and point them
to my arm so they helped me insert the set in an awkward place and gave me
another 2 units when my sugars wasn't budging down and gave me phenergan to
aviod puking. Finally, three hrs later I was at 150 and they kept watching
me and wouldn't let me go to my next class. Eventually they let me go at
130. I got home in time to hit 53. I really have a bad case of burn-out and
need some encouragement as I'm at wits end, sick and feel Fluffy, my pump,
hates me and is the enemy, not my hero. Help please.


                   /\___/\    ((
                  \`@_@'/  ))
Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Moderator Camarilla IRC

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