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[IP] Dyazide

JHughey wrote:
> I was put on
> Dyazide (BP pill) 2x a day for 16 years in 1978. Low and behold, it was
> removed from the market because they found it was not good for diabetics'
> kidneys. (snip) I often wonder if the Dyazide did a number on
> me. Of course, much of that was in the days before home BGs and ONE daily
> injection of NPH/Regular, too.

Dyazide has NOT been removed from the market. I've been using it, or a
generic version of it since approximately 1983.

I really don't think your kidney failure is due to the Dyazide -- I
think it's due to the diabetes, and the fact that you didn't have the
tools to achieve tight control during much of your diabetic life.

Of course, this isn't your fault -- I really wish the disease had been
kinder to you!
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