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Re: [IP] Synthroid versus generic brand

Add me to the list of those who used to take only the "real thing,"
Synthroid, and have switched to a generic with no problem.

Apparently, there was a study done a few years back that showed there was
no difference between the Synthroid and generics.  My doctor had insisted I
take only Synthroid, but after the study came out he said it was fine to
take the generic.

One thing to be aware of regarding Synthroid and its generic siblings is to
not take them with any kind of vitamin. You need to wait at least a couple
of hours before taking vitamins after taking Synthroid. Otherwise, certain
vitamins will inhibit the absorbtion (or action, not sure) of the
Synthroid. A pharmacist told me this and when I mentioned it to my doc, he
poohed-poohed it. But then he called me back and told me that the
pharmacist was correct. I already suspected it was correct, because when I
quit taking my Synthroid with my daily vitamins, I lost a ton of weight and
we had to readjust my dosage.


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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