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[IP] Bubbles in tubing

Have you ever had a bubble in the tubing that traveled UP the tubing? This
morning I found two buubles stuck together in my tubing. When I tried to
bolus to move them out (after disconnecting of course), they wouldn't move.
I finally separated them by flicking the tubing several times. I was
surprised to see one move down the tubing and the other move up. And it was
moving up at a steady pace! I finally got it out but it took me a couple of
boluses because when I didn't bolus enough at first, the darn bubble moved
back up a couple of inches while I was pressing the button and waiting for
the bolus to activate.

I started to check for bubbles every morning and at night. I've never had
problems before but all of the sudden they are appearing. I'm starting to
wonder if it is something in the tubing. I've recently started a new box.
But I can't remember if the bubbles started at the same time of using the
new tubing. I only change the tubing when I put in a new cartridge, so
that's only every 9 - 11 days. But I will change it soon using some tubing
from an old box just to see what happens.

I have an inkling something strange is going on because I don't think the
bubbles are just coming from the pump unless they are traveling quite a
distance on their own without a push from my boluses and basals. Last night
I changed my catheter and checked for bubbles and got rid of any that were
there. I checked very carefully. In the morning I checked again and found
bubbles in more than one place more than midway down the tubing. Three
things you should know: I use the 43" tubing which takes about 20 units to
fill; my basals overnight are only about 2.5 units total; I wear my pump
pointing down which helps keep any bubbles away from the neck of the
cartridge. I'm puzzled...any insight?

D pump user since 1996

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