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Re: [IP] Different Bolus Ratios during the day???

> I have been on one bolus ratio throughout the day...1 unit for every 15
> grams of carbs. Is it common to have more than one ratio during the day?

carolyn,  geneva needs three/day as we were seeing that she needs more in
am. as she eats alot of high glycemic index foods.  these spike her mid am
unless her carb ratio is higher.
then...at lunchtime she requires less for about 2 hours.

then...after school/dinner...she is back up to requiring more.

we just increased/decreased by .1 until we nailed it.  it fluctuates
also...so what is correct now may change come spring, or scheduling
differences, etc.

her ratios are as follows:
am...   1:25
lunch    1:32-34
after school / dinner   1:30

YMMV,  lest I get in trouble with some folks out there for trying to be an

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