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RE: [IP] Synthroid versus generic brand

>Is there anyone on the list taking generic levothyroxine?
>Denise Guerin
>Type 1 45 years  Pumping about 2 years

For a while in 1992 I was taking the generic levothyroxine and didn't notice
a difference.  However, my new endo I started seeing was adamant about the
importance of taking synthroid.  I don't believe there is truly a difference
in the amount of medication, however there may be in the "fillers".  However
I am not a doctor so you and your doctor should decide.

The makers of Synthroid payed a lot of money to prove that the generics were
not as reliable and effective as their product.  I believe the tests were
inconclusive.  However because of the allegations they made and the studies
they payed for the price of Synthroid went up quite a bit.  At one point I
was paying the full price because it was cheaper then my copay.  But not
anymore.  I noticed in my Better Homes and Gardens Magazine yesterday that
there was a legal notice for Synthroid users.  People who had used Synthroid
from a date in 1990 to a date in Oct. 1999.  Apparently there is a class
action suite against them.  The notice did mention that it did not involved
the reliability and effectiveness of the drug.  So I ask if anyone knows
what the suite is about?

-- Sherry
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