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[IP] Re: frequent testing

We recently downloaded the Glucofacts software and bought the cable that 
allows us to download our readings from the Glucometer Elite XL into the 

We discovered we are testing Paul an average of 10.8 times a day!!! And he's 
not on a pump. We knew we tested often, but didn't realize we did it this 

Like of many you, though, we believe in testing as many times as needed to 
make educated decisions about his care. When his numbers are within range, we 
only test four times a day (but that seems so few and far between these 

Early on, the endo was reluctant to give us a 'script for frequent testing. 
Recently, though, he is writing them out so that we get 400 strips for 30 
days!!! Before that, we would buy our own strips to make up the difference 
and then submit the receipt to the insurance company under Major Medical for 
some reimbursement. Even if we had to pay full price, we would do it 
(somehow) to try to keep a handle on this.

By the way, we LOVE the Glucofacts software. It creates pie charts, graphs, 
etc. -- TONS of useful information to help you make proper adjustments.

Janice, proud mom of Paul
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