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[IP] Synthroid versus generic brand

I have been taking Synthroid for many years.  Now my insurance plan demands
a copayment of $15 +the difference between the cost of the generic and
Synthroid.  The generic would require a copayment of $5 only BUT  my
druggist refuses to sell the generic because he cannot ensure that he can
refill the prescription with the same brand every time.  He claims he has
had two customers who landed in the hospital with heart irregularities due
to a change in brands.  Does anyone have experience with generics and the
bioavailability of  hormones? I don't need another unkown in my diabetic
life! I am seeing my endo tomorrow for a new script and I don't know what he
thinks about this yet.  If necessary I will pay for  the Synthroid myself,
but I am so annoyed at   the constant erosion of our medical dollars.
Copayment for Insulin is up too from $10 to $15, but because no generic
exists there is no additional "penalty"  By the way this is the Empire
Plan -NY State Employees.  Some parts of the plan are terrific like no copay
for pump supplies, but  will that last too?
  Is there anyone on the list taking generic levothyroxine?
Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years  Pumping about 2 years

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