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[IP] ACE Inhibitors

> Dr. Joe,
> I have a question for you about ACE inhibitors?  After my 24 hr. urine
> my results were perfect and I chose to begin an ACE inhibitor.  Can that
> be a loose guarantee that kidney function will remain good with the added
> help of great control?  Have they found any complication taking the ace
> inhibitor years later?
> Teresa

NOT Dr. Joe, here - just dr. Jan (I'm not a real doctor so that cannot be
capitalized). Are there ANY guarantees in life? I think not. I was put on
Dyazide (BP pill) 2x a day for 16 years in 1978. Low and behold, it was
removed from the market because they found it was not good for diabetics'
kidneys. (!!!!!) Later I was put on Vasotec (an ACE Inhibitor) but my
kidneys have been failing over time. I was taken off that and put on
Captopril - which is another ACE Inhibitor and it made me very ill (6
weeks - coughed up foam and gagged, lost 7# in 10 days, etc.) I now take 200
mgs Cozaar, 16 mg Cardura, and 10 mg. Norvasc for BP daily. My kidneys are
now functioning at 23% and I am in the process of being tested for
kidney/pancreas transplant. I often wonder if the Dyazide did a number on
me. Of course, much of that was in the days before home BGs and ONE daily
injection of NPH/Regular, too.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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