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[IP] question about allie

Tonight Allie was 66 at about 10 so I just cut the
> pump off and checked her an hour later and was 75.  Then set a temp basal
> from 11 to 12 of .2 and changed her 12 to 4 am from .4 to .3,

we have done this "cutting off and reducing  basal" thing also with ten yr.
old geneva.  I just don't want to wake her up.  if her basals are set pretty
well, I am somewhat confident that she won't  crash.  (we have not
experienced this on pump...just going down slowly).  in geneva's case,
though...by setting a temp basal for one hour for 0.0 , she will sometimes
rise pretty rapidly to a higher than normal number.
so ...we have to test hourly to monitor.
that is the beauty of the pump. you can just hold back / decrease insulin if
you see that the BG 's are starting to go down.  but again...be sure that
the basals are correct or you may run into problems. (especially if exercise
is causing the  drop or if she is on her way back UP)

mom to geneva
pumping since june

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