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Re: [IP] Testing too much?

Hi Meg,

Yes, I test that often and sometimes more.  I also have one of those Mail 
order insurance co. and here is what I just found out the other day.  The 
beginning of the school year I had to switch insurance's (after 35 years of 
BC/BS) so I had my first taste of mail order drugs. (That's another story 
too) So, my endo gave me a pers. for 16 boxes of 50 each for 3 months for a 
year.  She said if they send you these you better go kiss their feet.  They 
sent them no questions ask.  In Dec. the ins. co.
changed drug CO.  My pers. were about to run out so I called the original 
drug CO and ask to have them refilled.  I waited and waited and they didn't 
come.  So I finally called to see what the problem was and they said we can't 
send them because you will be with a different CO the beginning of the year.  
They didn't even bother to tell me they weren't going to fill it until I 
called.  So, now I call the new co. they tell me no problem if I had pers. 
with other co. they would use them and transfer my meds and send them 
immediately.  I waited three weeks, (about to run out by now) I called them, 
they said oh it's been delayed because they had to call all my DR.S and get 
approval for all my pers.  They would be going out in a day or two.  Now, 
when my endo gave them the pers. she only made it for 12 boxes of strips.  
So, now I'm almost out of strips and haven't even reached the half way point. 
 I called them the other day and ask what I was supposed to do.  They said 
get a new pers. and send it to them about 3 weeks before I need the strips 
and they will automatically do away with the old one. So we will see.

Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping 
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