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[IP] The Emotional Toll of CARING about control.....

    This was sent to me by Melanie, whose daughter was profiled on that TV 
news segment in Boston...the one whose retort to testing in public was "she 
tests when it's an emergency & it's ALWAYS an emergency if she feels the need 
to test!!" Samantha was also one of the state representatives to JDF's 
Children's Congress, so this is a motivated, responsible teenager we're 
describing. How ironic that being diligent about one's diabetes care causes 
"issues" that would be avoided by NOT being so concerned!!! GRRRRR... I felt 
it was worth sharing this post with everyone at IP - not just Sammi....
Do you think you can get this email to "Sammi"?

Dear Sammi, 

I can not thank you enough for sharing your experience with how other's 
demoralize people struggling with diabetes.  My daughter, Sam, had a very 
similar experience.  I will forward your description to her so she might 
consider that insensitivity is not an attribute of "teachers" or 
"Principals", but a foible of the ignorant.  

Like you, she had nonchalantly tested in the cafeteria when she entered 
Freshman year.  Like you, she was banished by school and DPH authorities who 
cited OSHA regulations prohibiting body fluids from the dining area.  Like 
you, she was loathe to go test in the nurses' office or teacher's lounge 
because it veiled her self-care in shame.  As if this struggle isn't hard 

I was particularly interested in your "reality check" on the absurd time loss 
imposed on diabetics who have to run off somewhere to test.  It was 
refreshing to hear a teacher's empathy for this dilemma!  

Finally, I invite you to write an open letter to your collegues...across the 
country!  Sam's teachers have no concept of how debilitating it is for her, 
despite pumping and very, very tight control, to experience the metabolic 
rollercoaster of a high period.  They do not grasp the cognitive clouding and 
general malaise that accompanies a day running from over 500 to 45.  She 
looks fine (though not to her chemistry teacher who reads her as looking 
"washed out").  I swear they suspect her of malingering when she misses 
school.  A letter from you to her English teacher would be a great help next 
week when she recommends Sam stepping out of honors level!

Whatever you do, DON'T SHUT UP!!      The kids need you.

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