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Re: [IP] Insurance coverage

In a message dated 2/22/00 12:15:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  took over some information and advised 
 > them of the necessity of good DM education. It is now covered.
 > I think that, as knowledgeable people, we all have an obligation to 
 > staff benefits -- and the people who make the decisions on coverage -- on 
 > benefits of good DM care.  >>
Michael ( and Jan?):
     I just submitted some insurance bills for reimbursement, including 4 
visits to Melissa's CDE. I included a note that these visits had previously 
been reimbursed from a "special fund" & given the "long term gain" from being 
educated & the fact that Melissa and her CDE had started a Teen Support group 
with close to 2 dozen participants, that the long-term gains for the 
insurance industry from this "short term" investment were certainly 
    As a sidebar, her CDE mentioned just seeing an adult pumper who'd been 
put on a pump a year ago with a basal of 2 units/hour for 24 
hours.........end of story. That's right - no changes since.....Any wonder 
his control hasn't been what it could/should be with pump therapy???? Looks 
like the insurance companies aren't the only ones who need to sign up for 
Remedial Diabetes 101.....

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump -mom)
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