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[IP] New info about D-Tron Pump!!!

Hi Everybody!
I just had an e-mail from my Disetronic Rep. about the website with lots of 
info about the new Disetronic D-Tron pump. It says it is to be relaeased in 
April or May :o). It states that the pump is thinner and slightly taller 
than the H-Tron and it will have additional features like alternate basal 
profiles, easy pump programming to set the size of bolus steps, vibration 
and audio notification, precise measurement of residual insulin, 
backlighting, lots of additional memory for basals and boluses and other 
neat features. It will be the only pump capable of detecting leaks as well. 
Data can be downloaded to a PC as well.
To find out for yourself, go to:

Apparently there is an upgrade offering for those who buy the current H-Tron 
I am excited about this as I have been waiting for it's release. I am 
currently using a loaner pump from my Dr. and am really looking forward to 
having my own pump.
Happy Pumping!!! :o) .....Carolyn
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