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Re: [IP] Testing too much?

When Erica first started pumping, we were testing at a furious rate.  It
was necessary for us to do so, and Erica was very good about it.  A
concern that her endo raised with us, was compulsive behaviour she has
seen in some patients regarding testing.  She wanted us to keep an eye
on Erica to make sure she wasn't becoming overwhelmed with the testing
as her emotional health is as important as her physical health.  The
endo told us of some children/young adults who sometimes tested more
than once an hour on MDI.  I can't tell you what her determining factor
for 'compulsive behaviour' behaviour was, other than the frequency of
testing, but I would assume it would be a little more complex than that.

Anyway, the frequency of testing has diminished in time but an average
weekday (how often do they actually happen<VBG>) consists of 6 tests.
Two of those are done while Erica is asleep.  Of course, weekends are
totally different than weekdays...nice to have that spontaneity!
7:00am  (She is still sleeping)
snack in the afternoon
snack before bed
11:30pm  (She is sleeping.)

We do not do a 2 hr test after meals unless we are changing basal or
bolus rates.
Of course, anytime there is an unexplained higher than acceptable sugar,
a site change, extreme activity, sleepovers, etc, any variance in the
norm basically, she is tested accordingly.  She is tested through the
night, whenever we feel the need.  We usually don't have her test before
having her recess in the morning at school unless the morning sugar has
been questionable.  In that case, she does test, corrects if necessary,
and goes on her merry way.  Erica has been diabetic for almost 8 years
and although she doesn't mind having her blood sugar done, she certainly
doesn't LIKE having it done.  We are maintaining good control, she
doesn't feel like she is attached to her monitor, and she is learning to
make decisions about when it is necessary for extra tests.  She does her
sugar upon waking if we are still asleep (it actually does happen on
weekends!), tests herself before going to sleep when she has a
sleepover, and generally has a healthy attitude about testing.  On an
average day, she actually does only 4 tests herself as we do the others
while she is asleep.  Of course, we all know average doesn't happen
everyday, and some days she is called upon to test herself much more
often to keep blood sugars in control...like yesterday... :-)  ...damn

All kids are different, all parents are different, all situations are
different.  I am just speaking about OUR situation, and in Erica's case,
I think she would become a little bitter towards her monitor if she had
to test herself 8 times a day.  After 7 years of stringent schedules,
the pump offered her freedom she could never remember having and boy has
she taken advantage of that in the past 11 months.  It has been amazing
to watch the positive growth the pump has allowed Erica.  As a parent I
try to help her find a healthy balance between allowing her to be a
child, allowing her to become a young lady, cope with a chronic illness
(physically and emotionally), take on more responsibilities, expand her
horizons and live each day with as much vim and vigor as she can
muster!  It is not always easy, I am not always right, and neither is
she, but we make a good team nevertheless.

Off to do my mountain of laundry...have a good day everybody :-)
Barb....Erica's proud mom.

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