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Re: [IP] Why test when low

>Not to start a controversy, but why do folks test their sugar when they can
>tell it's low by how they feel?  Do folks do a different amount of snack
>according to their readings?  Are there that many "false lows," when you
>feel low but aren't?  I'm thinking of this especially with the recent long,
>long thread about testing sugar in class.  Why put yourself through the
>agony of the battle, other than the principle of the thing?  Why not pop
>usual low treatment into your mouth, and test when class is over

I can't speak for others, but I have had enough "false low" feelings (even a
few seems enough to err on the side of caution) that, unless I am absolutely
certain, as demonstrated by extreme symptoms of hypo, I test first, treat
second.  The last thing I want to do is go ahead & treat for a perceived
low, find out later that I am way high, & not have a good way of knowing
what happened along the way.  I told my husband last night that what I
really want is a tiny little secretary inside recording the action as it
takes place, so I would know which direction I'm headed in.  Sometimes I
feel like I've been given a destination (target range) & a set of directions
that are all relative...only I'm not quite certain of my starting point.
It's great to know that you're only 2 miles from where you need to be, &
that theoretically you've got the right fuel to get there...but if your
directions all say things like "turn left after maybe three blocks" or "make
a right at that intersection where a Chevy pickup passed through about four
hours ago"...well, I may be right next door to my destination, & my own
attempts at following the directions may have taken me clear into the next

Forgive the rambling...I've been up for the past hour drinking water &
hoping to bring down a 396.  Back to the question at hand - it can also
depend upon the length of the class & your own patterns as far as how fast
you tend to crash, whether it makes sense to wait.  If you only have a few
minutes before class is over, & you don't drop rapidly, then waiting to test
might not be a problem.  My mom (theoretically Type II, but I have serious
doubts) plummets from 300 to 30 in a matter of 20 minutes...no, she doesn't
wait to test or treat if she gets any sense of a low feeling.  My current
elementary classes are 30 minutes in length - if it's in the last five
minutes or so, I can wait...although it's far easier for me to test in class
than in between, because I'm usually travelling from class to class.  At the
high school last year, classes were 90 minutes long - waiting was not an
option, nor was leaving your class unattended for any reason.  It was a
"double bind" situation, because I taught in the auditorium, where you may
have ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD for any reason!!  Fortunately, I never had to fight
about that one...glucose tablets were not perceived as "food", so this was
not a problem.  Worked for me!  :)

Okay, enough...time to check the ketones!

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