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Re:[IP] Feeling Unclean/ Problems with Glucometers in the classromm


You should feel good about where you choose to test.  I that means in the
princ. office to placate some anonymous person, that is ok.  But the nurse
and principal should not be telling you that it is the only place that you
can test.  The facts are you can test anytime , anywhere.  There are no
pathogen issues with testing.  The osha regs only cover real hazards not
tiny little test strips.  It is easy to see this if you read the regs and
there is a recent post about OCR attorneys getting a statement from OSHA.

You have to get along in the work place, I understand that.  So I am not
urging you to defy the current situation if you can handle it or need to
handle it this way.  However, I do urge you to educate the principal and
nurse to the rights of yourself and the future diabetic kids that they can
test in the classroom, at the lunch table, anywhere.  So can you!!!!

So do whatever you have to to get along, but, please, set these guys
straight for the sake of that first grader next year.

about the baggage... Why should we let the school start filling the kids
suitcases with useless garbage about diabetes?  They should be the

You are not dirty, you are taking care of yourself.  Don't let uninformed
people get in your way, educate them.  If they wont be educated, ignore

More than just my 2 cents,

Curtis Lomax

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