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[IP] Called Endo & Endo Said

Update on Kap:   Had his first ketos today - at 3pm.
Midnight - 179,  3 am -139 7am - 69, 10 am - 140, noon - 159
PE -2:00 -2: 45 pm 
School called at 2:30 - Kap's infusion site came out - Kap removed pump
Kap was picked up at 3pm from school - bgs was 285 and ketos (trace)
Called Endo and Endo said, LOWER the basel rates from .7 & 8 to .6 & 5.
Let him run high - 200s and bring bgs down with bolus- it came from not 
eating at lunch then having PE and or running low #s or he was sick (temp was 
Body needs sugar (food) - if not ketos (diet mode)
or Body needs insulin - if not ketos
I was going into battle mode: ready to double all dosages, order gallons of 
water and  call in 24 hr nurse and setting up computer beside his bed (I 
would need IP list).  But lowering basel and doing a bolus, hey I can do that 
with his pump. 
Ketos were gone by 11pm and his bgs was 188.  We had a talk about him not 
eating lunch and then going to PE because when he decides to go on a diet on 
PE day it is not a good thing for mama's heart/blood pressure.  
All in all, I think I have found why Disetronic sends that 2nd pump, now if I 
only knew where to get liquid tranquilizers, this mama would be hooked up!
Thanks for listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 -pumping and skipping lunch on PE day!

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