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[IP] problem with micro softsets & question


Has anyone had a problem with their micro softsets coming apart?  Today we 
changed sets and about 2 hours later we were getting ready to go into a 
basketball game and I look down to see the tubing just hanging there.  The 
tubing is coming out at the hub.  I cant figure it out.  This is the 3rd time 
it has happened.  Minimed has been great, called all three times, they have 
sent a couple of replacements and something for me to return it to them.  I 
just can't figure out why it has happened 3 times.  Once in the belly, once 
in the leg and today in the upper buttocks!  Yes that is upper butt!  We 
tried and it went great!  I am so glad we have other options!

Anothe quick question.  Tonight Allie was 66 at about 10 so I just cut the 
pump off and checked her an hour later and was 75.  Then set a temp basal 
from 11 to 12 of .2 and changed her 12 to 4 am from .4 to .3, what do you 
think?  Should I have just have gotten her up and given her food?  Our doctor 
said he was comfortable with her going to bed at 80.  But lower wasn't good.  


Susan (mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 - pumping since 12/99)
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