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[IP] Thanks for all the help!

Recently I posted a call for help for problems with the micros bending (in
4-year old Adam's stomach), and going through 4 set changes in a day.
Thank you everyone for your suggestions, we are going to try the Sils in
Adam's stomach, and we've been doing the micros in his bum the last week
and a half. They have been great, have gotten 4 days each time!!! No
infections, or inflammations, and his stomach has had a chance to heal.  

Adam has the flu again - fever of 104, vomited once this morning, not
really eating (just bites of things). He was running high in the night 15
to 18 (multiply by 18 to get US readings = 270), it was great to be able to
bolus him down - one unit brings him down about 8 points.  He went a bit
low this afternoon, I had doubled his basal to try to combat the large
ketones, and done a few 1 unit boluses, but he was still running a bit
high. So he was on .4 an hour for 3 hours, and that seemed to even him out.
The pump is just wonderful in sick times, no more begging him to eat! (Just
drink a little to keep hydrated!)

Our insurance came back and asked for a doctors letter, which we had just
received, so we sent it in, and wait some more.  I'm pretty sure we will
keep it even if insurance says no, but we will also fight the insurance.
We're going as speakers at a pump information night on Feb 29th at McMaster
Hospital (In Hamilton, ON Canada) - there is a lot of interest in pumps for
young kids, and our endo is very pro-pump.  Adam likes the pump, does not
mind wearing it, but "hates" the set changes.  Its the first time he's ever
used the word hate! He's getting better, doesn't scream and fight, we do it
quickly now, and reward him with his choice of treat afterwards. 

It is getting better, we're testing a little less, once at night before we
go to bed, and when we get up in the morning. His basals are good, and
we're using 1 unit for 20 carbs.  He's averaging way less insulin, down
from 24 units pre-pump to an average of 12 to 15 units a day. We're also
seeing a calmer child, less crying over things and generally nicer to be
around. Not that he was horrible before, but there is a difference. THANK

Once again, thanks for the help, this site is wonderful. Thank you Michael!

Linda, mom to Adam, 4, pumping one month, and Jenna, 2, non-d

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