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Re: [IP] Testing too much?

In a message dated 2/21/00 9:11:50 PM, email @ redacted writes:

> Matt is testing 10 times a day, 

He's not the only one, I average about 10, too.  I got my primary care doctor 
to write the prescription - my endo had written 1 box of 100, to be refilled 
once (this to send to the mail order company that fills for a 3 month supply) 
 Merck-Meco, in contract to FEP Blue Cross, has twice given me problems about 
number of strips (their official position seems to be 4 times a day is 
enough) - last time it happened I had the doctor write "test before and after 
meals, before and after exercise, before driving, whenever she feels low or 
high, and during the night"  They printed the first part on the label 
followed by a lot of dots. 

 Life is a bit complicated now -- when things are going more smoothly I don't 
feel the need to test quite as much.  Even in childhood that probably happens 
for periods occasionally :-) 

Linda Z 
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