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Re: [IP] Feeling Unclean/ Problems with Glucometers in the classromm


I think you should write a letter to the principle, with copies to the
school nurse and the board of education stating that you must be able to
test whenever and wherever you need to, JUST as diabetic children must
have this right. Perhaps you need to have a lawyer draft this letter.

The letter should be polite and informative -- and mention the fact that
you are willing to test discreetly, but that you cannot be required to
go elsewhere to test, because it's a threat to your safety.

It could be that the principal really didn't understand the issue, and
had made his mind up in a knee-jerk reaction, without really knowing the

It seems to me from your note that he didn't wait to hear YOUR side of
the story -- maybe he thinks you were waving bloody fingers in people's
faces or something! 

I think this one is a battle worth fighting -- PARTICULARLY for the
diabetic kids who are sure to come after!

Hang in there, kiddo!
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