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[IP] insurance- venting

None of the "normal" people I know seem to understand why I have problems
with anxiety and stress...it's these kinds of things that make me so crazy.
I have been fighting with my insurance company for a week because my meter
broke and I needed a new one.  First they said that they couldn't give me
one at all.  I had two different doctors offices call with prescriptions,
and finally they said ok and told me to go to the supply company where I get
my pump stuff (I get insulin and strips and other things from a different
pharmacy).  I called and they said they could send me...oh, I forget the
name of it...anyway they said they could send me one, it would take a few
days, but they just needed a prescription.  Well, they couldn't send me the
one I wanted.   3  years ago I got an accucheck advantage from the insurance
company pharmacy (they mailed it).  Of course I just recently received a 3
month supply of strips to go with it, but the meter the supply company was
going to send was a different one, they said cigna didn't pay for accuckeck
advantage anymore.  Well, I called cigna, and they confirmed this.  Called
the doc office and had a prescription faxed to the supply company 3 days
ago, still haven't received meter.  Meanwhile, for the past week and a half
I have been using my brother's meter, meaning that I can only test twice a
day if I'm lucky enough to be home the same time as he is.  Well, the ironic
thing is, today I took mom to her doctor because she has the flu.  We went
to cigna pharmacy and they had accucheck advantage on the shelf.  I asked
about it and they said that's the one they give out with a prescription.  I
called the doc right then and there and in 15 minutes was out the door with
mom's meds and a new meter for myself.  Why did they have to make it so
difficult?  Why couldn't I have just done that to begin with?  Argh!  I hate
insurance companies!!!!  Does anybody else have these kind of problems or is
it just me?  Thanks for letting me vent.  Nobody else could possibly


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