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[IP] Testing too much?

Matt has a clinic appointment tomorrow and i noticed i cannot keep testing 
strips in this house!  It's almost like they are disappearing. I wonder if 
there is a "fairy" responsible for this. Anyway, because of clinic appt i was 
getting charts together and i realized Matt is testing 10 times a day, 
minimum!  The prescription reads, test 6-8 times a day. Well soon Matt will 
be out of strips, and the insurance company is saying he cannot have more 
cause it's too soon. So i'm gonna ask the doc to write a new prescription, i 
hope this works. My question is this, any others testing THAT 
P.S.  Matt just tested and was 216!  I told him "i hate diabetes" he just 
laughed and 
said "i think i hate it more than you mom".  He, he, such a good kid.

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