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[IP] Re:Feeling Unclean/ Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

I am a cook and I am allowed to test in the kitchen, at least no one has ever 
said anything to me about it.  It's probably a good thing she doesn't know 
that.  At work I usually test before I go to lunch, but if I forget and test 
at the table and am eating with someone different I usually just ask if it is 
going to offend anyone.  I have never had anyone say no and usually it is a 
good chance to educate people.  I only have two people at work that it 
bothers and that is only because there is blood involved and they get woozy.  
Neither of them has said anything, they usually just turn around and walk 
away then come back when I'm done, the funny thing is one of those two people 
is my boss.  If I were you I would tell the principal that you have every 
legal right to test where you want but if it bothers someone you can arrange 
it so that they wont see it, do it on your lap or at a counter or another 
table, if you are told who it is, because it is really their problem.  I 
suspect that if the other teachers knew about this they would be outraged.  I 
know my coworkers would be.

Type I, 25yrs! Pumping since last December.
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