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[IP] normal people

> Sammi wrote:
> ...office to test - & I have never felt so completely sub-human in my
> entire life.  I cried, because the sensation of feeling like I was doing
> something "dirty" that had to be hidden away from the eyes of normal
> people was so strong & so horrible.

I refuse to call them *normal people* since sometimes I think I'm more
normal than they are. I refer to *them* as non-diabetics, or Non-DMers. A
mom asked me the other day why I use DM when there is no M in diabetes. It
is for Diabetes Mellitus - as opposed to Diabetes Insipidus - a kidney
ailment. Diabetes means passing through. Both diseases *pass through* a lot
of urine. (pee hee hee)
Jan H & Pumpkin

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