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[IP] Percentages

Sandi Pope wrote:
> I hope everyone
> took note of the quote by Howard Callum , OCR
> divisional lawyer, who said that the percentage of
> children with disabilities that teachers have is very
> small.

The percentage is 100% when you are the teacher who has to deal with a
disabled child!!!!  (Can you tell that this quote doesn't impress me??)

I strongly advocate that the parents and teachers act as a team to make
sure all children's health and safety needs are met. 

In this thread, I have seen a lot of blame placed on teachers, when I
think the real problem is administrative policy and lack of funding. 

Mind you, I'm talking about ALL disabled children, not just diabetic

If you're having trouble with the school not attending to the needs of
your child, then you should be prepared to advocate at the TOP -- sue if
necessary, but do your homework and push for reasonable solutions, not
merely insisting that the teacher should do it!

So, yes, of course your child should have the right to test and treat a
hypo or a high whenever and wherever it occurs -- but perhaps there
should also be a full-time TRAINED health-aide who is available to work
with teachers who DON'T know anything about diabetes, and who can
monitor whether the child is doing OK, or whether emergency help or a
phone call to the parents is necessary. And who can give shots, if

And who can change diapers, suction breathing tubes, adjust oxygen flow
rates and do all the myriad other things that disabled children
routinely need.  

As I said, I've been extremely fortunate in that the district I work for
DOES have such aides, but having been at both (or is it all three?) ends
of the situation, I'm very aware of the problems.

By the way, the health aides at both of the schools I work at know I
have diabetes and use a pump; I have had lows in front of the kids (high
schoolers), and routinely discuss with them what to do if I'm REALLY out
of it. My administration has given me NO trouble over it -- I guess I'm
REALLY lucky! 
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