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[IP] I love my pump company!!! and an update...

Hi all - just some more updates on the situation for me, my pump, and my
supplies.  First off, I have to say I LOVE DISETRONIC thus far!  I haven't
even gotten the pump yet, but the help I've rec'd from one of the insurance
coordinators has been tremendous!  If all the service I recieve is similar,
I think I'm going to be one happy pumper.  I'm sure the same can be said
about Mini-Med.  I've been very pleased so far.

The insurance coordinator e-mailed me today, and gave me the following
information.  (Note it's not verbatim - I'm summarizing it). He said he
could understand my concerns about getting or not getting supplies through
Merck/Medco; he's heard that some folks are having major problems ordering
what they need regardless of the fact that their insurance company has
contracted through them.  In my case I won't have to go through Merck - I
will be able to order my supplies directly from Disetronic instead (Mike,
you said you were glad that you could order from the pump company for Lily -
I think I can see why! VBG  ).  He said that some folks are most likely
forced to go through Merck/Medco or some other distributor to get their
maximum coverage (i.e. because there is too big of  a spread between their
in and out of network benefits for Disetronic to be able to help with
supplies) and they end up rec'g less than satisfactory service; and that a
lot of it has to do with who has the contract for which kinds of plans, etc.

He also said my endo sent him a big package of documentation  - 68 pages!  -
to send to BC/BS.  He faxed them to the insurance company today. He said
Premera really needs a lot of documentation to decide, and in his words 'by
golly, they got it!'  Now we just wait for authorization from them, and
he'll call me for my order!!!  Yipppeeeee!   I just hope it doesn't take too
long.  :) He really put my mind at ease, as it sounds like we had more than
enough documentation for them to make a decision.  Good luck to all who are
in the same shoes -

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