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[IP] Insurance coverage

Hi all

I had something interesting happen that I thought you might want to know 

My husband went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up insulin, strips and a 
glucagon kit. He brought back the insulin and strips, but said the glucagon 
kit was not covered, so he left it there until we could check it out.

Today, I called staff benefits and asked why it wasn't covered. Turns out 
they cover injectibles only for insulin and something for migraines. When I 
explained to her what glucagon is for, she entered an override code for me so 
that it would be covered. Apparently, all they knew about glucagon was that 
it was injected: They didn't know what its purpose is. 

I did tell her that I had never needed it, but had come close. And told her 
how important it would be to have a kit available if necessary. 

Jan (and Elvis)
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