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Re: [IP] Feeling Unclean/ Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

On 21 Feb 00, at 11:07, email @ redacted wrote:

> I am now careful in that particular school (no problems at all in any of the
> other four buildings) to test only when no other teachers are within viewing
> distance.  Does it make me angry?  Yes.  It also makes me worry (I voiced
> this to the principal & the nurse) about what will happen when this teacher,
> whoever she is, ends up with a diabetic child in her classroom.  I hope I'm
> around when the time comes, because I do NOT want a student to feel the way
> I did about it.

If a student gets hammered like this then the principal, nurse and eventually 
the upset teacher should (and probably will!) be hauled into court... all kinds 
of laws and school board regulations would apply here.  Can you just 
visualize a lawyer asking the principal "What does this do to the child's 
self esteem?" and watch the squirming begin...  and then there's what's left 
of the ADA plus all kinds of negative press...   You might want to continue 
to attempt to discuss this issue with the principal and nurse... I hope the 
nurse really is a nurse too - unfortunately many "school nurses" are behind 
on their studies (haven't kept up) and in some areas aren't actually nurses 
at all - I've seen some cases where the actual title is something else but 
they are just called nurses or may even be called "school nurse" but are not 
an RN or even an LPN, just like some janitors are called engineers...  
Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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