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[IP] Feeling Unclean/ Problems with Glucometers in the classromm

As a teacher, I've always tested in the classroom because a) I can not leave
a class of thirty-some students (of ANY age) unsupervised, & b) I cannot in
any respect afford to lose the teaching time that it would take to be out
for even a few moments, even if someone WERE available to cover for me.  I
generally am still speaking, answering questions, or singing as I test...the
fact that actual "teaching time" is so very precious, as Nancy pointed out
in a former post, given all the other pieces of chaos that are part & parcel
of the average school day, has led me to heavily favor the FastTake as my
school meter, simply because I can get results & respond to them quickly,
generally without missing a beat...VERY important when you are teaching
music! <g>

My students (I've taught K-12, so all ages apply) have never had any problem
with me testing in class, nor has the administration.  This year, however,
at one of the elementaries, another staff member was apparently very
bothered by my checking bg prior to lunch.  Instead of mentioning it to me
directly (I am known to be VERY approachable on these kind of things), she
went to the school nurse & to the principal to complain that there might be
a violation of some sort of health code for me to be doing this in the
teachers' lounge, because after all some people eat their lunch in there.
Both the principal & the nurse spoke with me about it, & the principal
offered her office as an alternative place to use so that someone would not
be disturbed.  I responded very emotionally to the whole thing...I was
really hurt that someone would take this course of action instead of just
being "up front" with me - & since they chose to remain anonymous, it
inspired a kind of paranoia on my part for a few weeks, in a place where I
had felt very welcome & accepted previously.  One day prior to eating I
tested by accident (reached into my purse for something &, on autopilot,
took out the glucometer & checked without even a second thought), then had
to sit & worry over whether the objector was one of those in the room & I
would be called on the carpet for it.  I'm still trying to understand this:
it's okay for me to test in any classroom in the building, in front of any
number of students, but I am not to test in the privacy of the teachers'
lounge.  I don't want to push & question this, however, because I worry that
it could lead to me being told not to test in class, either.  Hmmm...as
someone who teaches nine classes a day, with no real break between them & no
planning period (that's what those 20 minutes at the beginning & end of the
day are, theoretically), this would leave me in a very bad spot.  The day
after the principal spoke with me about all this, I did go in once & use her
office to test - & I have never felt so completely sub-human in my entire
life.  I cried, because the sensation of feeling like I was doing something
"dirty" that had to be hidden away from the eyes of normal people was so
strong & so horrible.  Maybe I responded this way because, as an adult, I
carry more baggage psychologically than a child would (I've had more years
to collect it), but I'm still not the type to cry easily, & I'm usually very
good at brushing aside things that bother me.  This was devastating,
though...& I can't even imagine how it would feel to a child, added in to
the need to fit in with everyone else.

I am now careful in that particular school (no problems at all in any of the
other four buildings) to test only when no other teachers are within viewing
distance.  Does it make me angry?  Yes.  It also makes me worry (I voiced
this to the principal & the nurse) about what will happen when this teacher,
whoever she is, ends up with a diabetic child in her classroom.  I hope I'm
around when the time comes, because I do NOT want a student to feel the way
I did about it.


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