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[IP] Found a solution

For years I have had large glucose spikes after meals. MDI did not fix this
problem, nor did the pump at first. I believe I have found a solution and
I'd like to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. My blood sugars
have always been good when I get up in the mornings. It is only after eating
that my sugar would quickly jump to 250+. It would come back down but I just
could not prevent the huge spike. Several weeks ago I decided to set my
basals as if I had a dawn phenomenon. This has worked like a charm so far. I
am usually 80 upon arising and I seldom make it to 200 after meals now.
Yesterday I had waffles and syrup for breakfast. Was 159 one hour later and
123 an hour after that! Amazing. Is this some sort of hidden dawn
phenomenon? Has anyone else experienced this? I sure hope it lasts. One more
piece of data: Although my sugar has always been like 70 to 100 upon waking
up, if I didn't eat it would be 150+ at 12 noon. Delayed dawn phenomenon?


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