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[IP] re:glucotabs, insulin reactions (numbness)

Yes, I used to use life savers, but my current favorites are the Necco
wafers small pack. I found them around Thanksgiving, and WalMart sells
them year round.  One pack is equivalent to 13 grams of sugar (8 or 9
wafers), and they taste lots better than the glucose tablets! (cheaper,
too!).  And since the small packs are just about the right amount of
carbs, you aren't tempted to eat more! (like your jelly beans or M&Ms!)
Now, if only they sold just the chocolate Necco wafers in small

On the subject of insulin reactions, I was intrigued by the discussion
on numbness of the mouth.  This is a symptom for me that is 99%
sure-thing, but with one big difference from many of you--for me, it
definitely indicates a low AT THE TIME and not after a low.  For
example, I was teaching Sunday School yesterday, and my lips became numb
(plus headache, etc.).  Well, I couldn't stop teaching (and no one could
tell but me...), so 1/2 hour later after the class was over I tested my
blood sugar, and it was 42!!!  (very low for me!).  So I'm still
sticking with numbness as an indication of low blood sugar, not coming
off of a low.  (and yes, I "could" have stopped teaching, but with only
30 minutes left, decided to fight through it...most of the time when
this happens, the class [I teach adults] doesn't even have a
clue...amazing to me).


<original message--part>
A message on Feb. 19 prompts me to give my own thoughts about glucose
I realize a lot of people are told this is the best way to raise bg
and I'm sure there is truth to that.  However, my experience is that
they are
just a form of simple sugar, and therefore no different from other
I personally prefer Jelly Belly candies to get it up quickly -- the
are no different, and they equate to about 1 jelly bean for 1 gram of
carbohydrate, if someone wants to fine tune the amount.

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