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Re: [IP] Contemplating???

>Rachel wrote:
>>>I told him that I thought I would have
>better control with using a shorter acting insulin. His reply was that I
>would have a lot of low b/s. <<

You may get many responses similar to mine (or you may have ALREADY gotten
them, as I am still in that "catching up the e-mail" stage), but I
experienced exactly the opposite effect.  On MDI I had frequent hypos, at
least 4 or 5 a week as far as nighttime ones go, & too many to count during
the day.  Since pumping (6 months on Wednesday!!), I can count the nighttime
lows I've had on my fingers & still have several to spare.  Aside from the
effect of insulin delivery that makes much more sense than the former
"several megadoses a day" system, I think my bs have also come into a more
reasonable range due to the fact that I'm much more relaxed about it than I
used to be...without the constant concern about being too high or too low, &
without the mood swings that accompany the rollercoaster ride, the world is
a much happier place.  Since pumping, I find I am simply breathing easier -
I didn't realize how much tension the continual game of chasing the highs &
lows was causing, until this incredible little piece of technology allowed
me to take a few steps back from it & not have to feel like I'm playing
watchdog over myself 24/7.  No, I'm not saying that I am reckless &
unconcerned, or eating meals provided by Saralee & Hostess...it's just that
I HAVE noticed a great difference in my own "ease of mind" regarding my
sugar levels, & I think that has contributed to bringing them down.  I'm
sure I'm not the only one who's been caught up in that vicious circle of
"erratic bg's ~> worry & anxiety ~> erratic bg's".  The only lows that
pumping has brought me are lows on the stress-level chart!


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