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RE: [IP] Worst HA1c Since on the Pump

I know how you feel, I also had a high a-1c after my last doctor visit.
(8.1) I was very disappointed, the doc wanted me to increase my base by .1,
I didn't want to because of the lows I kept having. I looked closely at my
diet and realized that somehow my food intake had changed and I was eating
to avoid my lows before they even happened, causing me to be higher most of
the time, causing a higher a1c. So instead of taking more insulin I changed
my diet and started treating all my lows with glucose only. This stopped my
rebound highs and now my average on the glucometer is running 127. However i
continue to have lows everyday and i eat glucose almost every day, I faxed
my bgs to my doctor asking him to adjust my insulin so I would not have the
mid morning lows, from his response I don't think he even looked at the work
I put into keeping track of my bgs and carbs. I ended up adjusting my base
myself. Makes me wonder what we pay these doctors for.
What amazed me about the whole episode is how treating a low with the wrong
thing(like cookies) can mess up your routine.


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