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Re: [IP] re:ip in teacher's shoes

>>>Can you blame someone for being uncertain about giving someone and
 injection?  Educators are told, don't touch a student, you might be
 sued, insert this catheter or you will be sued.  Educators are in a
 catch-22 about the safety and care of students. >>

Yes, after educating them for 8 months, they should not be uncertain.  But
only the threat of a law suit would get them to stand down.  Maybe that is
why there are so many suits in the schools.  Nobody listens unless you sue.

Teaching:  Attempting to educate a room full of children that range from
ill-lmannered to ill-kempt.  That have absent representatives that complain
to your boss before complaining to you.  These representatives believe
everything that the little cuties say.  There are 20-40 cuties, each with
two representatives.  That is 40-80 people that can get really mad at you
for what may seem like small issues.  You get paid but you're not going to
get rich.  Sound like a great job?

There is a world of difference between "a child" and "my child".  Before I
had children the feeling of parental responsibility was incomprehensible to
me.  I was so paranoid that I would lay awake at night listening for a
choking sound, they seemed so frail and weak that they wouldn't be able to
clear their own throats.  As they grew, they were still completely dependent
on us for every bodily function 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Every moment
is affected with caring for them.

I was there to help them to learn to smile, crawl, walk, and talk.  There to
catch them when they fall and there to let them fall.

Teachers deal with a kid for 180 hrs in a school year.  That is a little
over 1 week in parent time.  And that is distributed over the entire class,
so say 1/20th of a parent-week in a school year.  not a lot of time.

Parents have ABSOLUTE responsibility for their child.  Teachers are service
providers to the parent.  Unfortunately they have 40-80 parents at a time.
It is not a job that I would seek.

Parents and patients have the experience needed to be arrogant about what is
needed for their child and for their care, respectively.  Teachers and
doctors should listen to them and not make judgements from a "mile away".


>From some of your comments it is indicated that you are to become a teacher.
If that is so, please remember that no matter how well you think you know a
child in your class, you have barely been introduced to them compared to the
parent.  Even as a parent I hardly understand my kids and each day, I know
them less and less.

Last year we went to open house to meet the teachers.  We went into a third
grade teachers room to get to know him.  During the conversation he
commented (trying to complement) that he could see the our girl was very
intelligent by the way she looked.  While that was nice to say, it revealed
to us that he was a dangerous teacher.  We decided that she would not darken
his door next (this) year.

Teacher see "a child".  Parents see "my child".  The two will not meet.

Lets get back to diabetes.

Curtis Lomax

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