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Re: [IP] pumps

my opinion on pumps, 
GET ONE THAT PUMPS INSULIN - and you will never be sorry!
MM or  Disetronic, before Kap received his pump, I was working on one of my 
own: This was my plan:Take the pager apart, insert a ink cartridge (wash ink 
out and fill it up with insulin, cap it off, insert coffee stirrer into cap 
and the other end on the syringe, push needle in and tape down.  Of course, 
use duct tape around each connection.  Tape down pocket watch to pager and 
with a paper clip coiled around the watch hands - the clock will uncoil the 
paper clip as the watch ticked away the minutes therefore pushing in the 
plunger on the syringe - delivery of insulin.
Minute hand would have been basel dosage, Kap could pull out the stem on the 
watch and give the hour hand a twirl for a bolus, 1 hr = 1 unit - ect.
Hubby said - humm, any FOOL could do it.  And with me being as smart as I am, 
I knew I could do it. But the Disetronic arrived the next day.
Kap has been pumping with the Disetronic a month now - 2/19 was 1 glorious 
month, still have a few kinks to work out.  But, I feel even my invention 
would had some kinks.  
Happy pumping no matter which pump you choose!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 pumper
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