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[IP] RE: word play

> >    LthO the shortEz R spOz  2 sAv tIm & werdz, IMHO, thA rlE $ >. B4 wE
> > knfUz N-E > newBz, Y dnt wE L just --> English.
> >    OK?

Sally, Wendy,
   Hee-hee. Thanks for taking the time to decipher this (and sharing it).
Not wanting to leave you in suspense on the garbled punch-line, I'll tell
you I meant the $ to stand for "cost", and the > to be the greater than
symbol, thus "more." The --> was a "right" arrow. Thus I meant to say:
   "Although the shorties are supposed to save time and words, in my humble
opinion, they really cost more. Before we confuse any more newbies, why
don't we all just write English. OK?"

The Riddler

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