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[IP] Re: Seven steps to good control

Hi Jose,

I'm fairly new to the pump (one month).  I'm curious as to two of your
steps:  clearing air bubbles each day--how do you go about doing that,
and what size are the bubbles you worry about (and what do you ignore?).

Also, "ENGINEERED forecast about the bolus throughout the
day. I developed a software that HELPS ME A LOT!!!"--could you explain
more about this?  Are you talking about calculating how much of the
bolus is used after, say one hour, two hours, three hours, etc.?  I'm
curious because I've recently tried to figure that out as well.

With your pizza and pie, how much insulin did you bolus?  Did you do a
square wave or dual, or just normal bolus?

Thanks.  I'm trying to learn all I can...and obviously those blood sugar
numbers of yours look great to me!


<original message--part>
In February I got a new A1C result, after 4 months pumping:


It was achieved by TESTING my blood sugar level 8 to 10 times a
day (when eating AND 1.5 hour after AND when feeling different),
AVOIDING eating big quantities of protein (meat, cheese), cleaning
the tubing air bubbles off EACH MORNING, CHANGING the infusion
site after 72 hour-using, SETTING the basal rates, ratios and blood
sugar level target well, PAYING ATTENTION for the carbohydrate
quantity and ENGINEERED forecast about the bolus throughout the
day. I developed a software that HELPS ME A LOT!!!

Yesterday, for example,
I had pizza and chocolate pie for dinner. The blood sugar levels: 83
1.5 hour), 83 (after 2.5 hours), 115 (after 5 hours), 105 ( after 8
and I woke up with 103. My target, right now, is 100. Even.

Yes, I got the pizza crust-carbohydrate quantity through the package
(32 carbos for half unit, so as I got an entire one, I had 64 carbos),
well as I got the chocolate pie information through the package (1/8
has 44 carbos), so I had 64+44=108 carbos at dinner. My blood sugar
was 77 ( I was tired... we went shopping, wlaked a lot and I needed to
change the car's spare tire), so I calculated my personal bolus and
everything was ok.

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