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[IP] itching!!!

My site was itchy after about the first day, but I knew it wasn't the
cannula(the area around it itched, not actually inside the skin where the
cannula was inserted) and my bg's were normal.  I took it out today- third
day as usual- and where the loop of tubing touched my skin (I tape down the
length between the site and the QR) and also where the "wings" of the site
stuck to my skin (I hope this makes sense) I was red and itchy and some
places the skin had even broken open a little.   Really irritated.  This
isn't the first time.  This has happened a lot lately, almost every site.
I'm using the same sets I started out with but never before had a problem.
Same with tape and wipes.  I haven't just opened a box of anything.  For a
while I tried different tape, didn't change.  Tried using alcohol swabs to
clean instead of the sticky wipes, and no change.  So what gives?  Has
anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas?  I have no idea what to do so if
anybody has suggestions I'd appreciate it.  This isn't affecting my bg's at
all, but the itching is driving me nuts!


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