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[IP] Worst HA1c Since on the Pump

I am so bummed out by my 8.5 HA1c - I haven't had one that high in years and 
I certainly didn't need the endo to tell me.  My endo doesn't want me to 
come back for 6 months despite my ridiculous blood sugars!

Most of my problems are at night from bedtime to waking. I seem to be more 
sensitive to insulin at night which is something I've just discovered within 
the past 2 years. I seem to now need very little insulin to reduce my BG if 
I go high during the night and right now I'm on a regime of checking all 
night long, every 2 hours, every night.  If I have anything to eat after 
6:30 p.m. and bolus for it, however 'lightly' I end up with BG in the 300 
plus category.

I recently returned to using straight Humalog with Rapids, after 2 years on 
H/V mix and Tenders.  Could this have anything to do with it?
I have a feeling I have a compound problem, as everything I've tried doesn't 
help much OR doesn't help for long.  Please won't somebody email me 
privately and give a clue.  This is driving me nuts and you know with a HA1c 
of 8.5 something's real wrong.

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