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[IP] glucose tabs

A message on Feb. 19 prompts me to give my own thoughts about glucose tabs.  
I realize a lot of people are told this is the best way to raise bg quickly, 
and I'm sure there is truth to that.  However, my experience is that they are 
just a form of simple sugar, and therefore no different from other sources.  
I personally prefer Jelly Belly candies to get it up quickly -- the calories 
are no different, and they equate to about 1 jelly bean for 1 gram of 
carbohydrate, if someone wants to fine tune the amount.  It can be a problem 
to count when I'm really low, but then a handful is close enough.  Those 
glucose tabs are hard to eat very quickly!  The other most important point is 
that these raise bg quickly but then are out of the system quickly and you're 
back to a low if you haven't had anything else.  For this problem, my 
favorite solution is M&M peanuts or almonds  -- they have candy for quick bg 
rise, fat & protein to keep it up later.  My doctors have always looked 
askance at this -- 'you're not supposed to be having a treat" -- but I've 
always seen it as one of the ways I can justify something that otherwise was 
forbidden.  I know there are healthier substitutes but . . . .
Linda G
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