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Re: [IP] an update and some questions

I think the update is in the Pocket Pancreas.  But I could not be sure. 
And I think that Sam said they were coming out with a new versionin
April to include the Humalog.  Also, I think I may have seenit on the
web somewhere?  ANYBODY??

I am trying to get my 6 yr old son, Paddy on it, too.  but he weighs
EIGHTY pounds due to overkill on insulin!  It is so sad. He has just
ballooned out and he looks as if he is sick with liver disease or
something--you know the puffy water retention look?  

Our meeting is on March 28!  I'll cross all my toes for you(my fingers
are used up for us already!)

email @ redacted wrote:
> I recently joined the list and am diligently pursuing pump therapy for my
> son, Paul, 6, DX at 20 months.

> 3. Is there an updated edition of "Pumping Insulin" that discusses Humalog in
> the pump?
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