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[IP] 2 B clr

dEr IPrz,
off-10 I-C a newB ? 4 the meaning of YMMV. The X-chAnj gOz. "What's YMMV"
     L8R sum-1 sez, "YMMV- your mileage may vary;" &  thN X-plAnz the trm is
short-h& 4 'pEpl R  L dfrnt' &  nXt thA tL the newB to C the list of IP trmz
on the WWW.
   LthO the shortEz R spOz  2 sAv tIm & werdz, IMHO, thA rlE $ >. B4 wE
knfUz N-E > newBz, Y dnt wE L just --> English.


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