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Re: [IP] paddy and lows

sam et al....this is turning into a big mess.

charisma wrote late at night about her son's low .  I wasn't sure if he was
on shots or pump.

suggested treatment for both scenarios.  she in turn...misinterpreted what I
said about being 48 and what was happening on one particular night.   I
hoped that she would bring the basals to a point in which he would get less
insulin for several hours.


> At 12:00 PM 2/19/2000  Ruth Schneider wrote:
>  >> so, if you get a bg of 48, all you do is lower the bolus?
>  >treat...which I thought you did already.  but if a pattern of lows
>  >happening...WE  (not dispensing medical advice here)
>  >would up the basals until the pattern disappeared.
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding here... but if you are having a consistent
> pattern of low BGs wouldn't you want to consider lowering the basals (not
> raising them

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